Access to Justice

Muciri is passionate about access to justice and restorative approaches to criminal justice.

Muciri believes that technology should lead to a more humane and equitable criminal justice system. In furtherance of this belief, Muciri offers special rates to incarcerated defendants who have suffered rights violations due to technology. This may include violation of privacy rights due to overly-invasive surveillance, misuse of your personal data, or the use of overly intrusive tracking technologies. Muciri is especially interested in working on cases where software or other technology cause unlawful discrimination and cases where the lack of transparency on how automated decisions are made undermines due process rights. 

Muciri seeks to improve access to education and access to justice.

Muciri is a policy-driven law practice dedicated to digital equity and inclusion. Muciri believes that a society can never truly flourish in the absence of reliable and equitable access to (1) an education that allows for the development of critical thinking skills and (2) good quality legal services. Muciri believes that these two “essential services” are at the core of an individual’s ability to access all other essential goods and services successfully.

If you face a technology-related challenge in the prison system or any other space in the justice system, schedule an appointment today.